DynaPath Control Retrofit

CNC Controls - Retrofit

The DynaPath Mechanical Retrofit Kit includes all the hardware required to bolt the Machine Control Package to a "Bridgeport: class manual knee-type milling machine. Components in the retrofit package include X and Y-axis servo motors. Additionally, a linear glass scale is included for Z-axis position DRO on the CRT for two-axis retrofits or a Z-axis quill down feed (Quill Box) with three-axis retrofit package. The Z-axis Quill Box is constructed of heavy cast aluminum with a precision ground ball screw providing motion. Two models are available: one for a Series 1 Bridgeport head with an R-8 taper; the second for larger 5 hp heads with a 40 taper quill. Every cable, every connector, every component necessary to transform your machine into a powerfully productive and versatile metal cutting platform is supplied and warranted by Autocon.

Control Retrofit Specifications

Pendant Standard Standard
12" Color LCD Panel Display Standard Standard
Operators Panel (Jog Switches, E-stop, Etc.) Standard Standard
Floppy Disk Drive Standard Standard
Hard Disk Drive w/Converstional Graphics™ Standard Standard
Fourth Axis (Rotary or Linear) N/A Optional
Fifth Axis (Rotary or Linear) N/A Optional
20HP(7.5/11kw) Standard(2) Standard(3)
Control for 110 VAC, 3 Phase Coolant Pump Standard Standard
Control for 220/440 VAC, 3 Phase Coolant Pump Standard Standard
Reversing Contractors for 220/440 VAC Spindle Control Standard Standard