M Series Vertical Milling Centers

M Series Vertical Milling Center

DynaPath's M Series CNC Vertical Machine Centers feature an all axis drive design and C3 grade double nut pretension ball screw for satisfying high-accuracy requirements of precision applications with minimalFlat Bed Series Lathes backlash. These machine centers use low-maintenance belt-driven spindles fitted with an oil chiller for increased usage. The M Series are built for optimal stability and rigidity.

M323 M42 M527 M6C M6L
Table Size 930×460 1260×600 1520×700 1800×800 1800×800
Table T-slot
( W × N )
18mm×4 18mm×4 18mm×5 18mm×5 18mm×5
Max. table load
660kgs 800kgs 1000kgs 1400kgs 1400kgs
X travel 860mm 1100mm 1320mm 1600mm 1600mm
Y travel 510mm 610mm 710mm 800mm 800mm
Z travel 610mm 660mm 700mm 800mm 800mm
Spindle nose to table 22~732mm 128~828mm 155~855mm
175~975mm 175~975mm
Spindle center to column 550mm 650mm 755mm 860mm 1060mm
Table surface to floor 870mm 854mm 895mm 943mm 943mm
Spindle speed 8000rpm
(10000rpm is Opt)
(10000rpm is Opt)
is Opt) • 6000rpm
(8000rpm is Opt)
4500rpm (6000rpm
is Opt)
4500rpm (6000rpm
is Opt)
Spindle motor 20HP(7.5/11kw) 15HP(7.5/11kw) 20HP(11/15kw)
25HP(15/18.5kw) 25HP(15/18.5kw)
Spindle taper CAT or BT#40 CAT or BT#40 CAT or BT#40
CAT or BT#50
CAT or BT#50 CAT or BT#50
Spindle pulling force #40:1000kgs±10% #40:1000kgs±10% #40:1000kgs±10%
#50:1800kgs±10% #50:1800kgs±10%
Spindle belt 8YU/5GT belt 8YU/5GT belt 8YU / 5GT belt 8YU/5GT belt 8YU/5GT belt
Ball-screw diameter Ф32mm Ф40mm Ф40mm Ф50mm Ф50mm
Pitch of ball-screw X/Y/Z 8mm/8mm/6mm 8mm/8mm/6mm 8mm/8mm/6mm
(Z:8mm is Opt)
12mm/12mm/10mm 12mm/12mm/10mm
X & Y axis rapid feed 20 M/min 20 M/min 20 M/min 15 M/min 15 M/min
Z axis rapid feed 16 M/min 16 M/min 16 M/min 12 M/min 12 M/min
Cutting feed 10 M 10 M 10 M 10 M 10 M
ATC type Armless type
(Arm type is Opt)
Armless type
(Arm type is Opt)
Armless type
(Arm type is Opt)
Arm type
Arm type Arm type
Tool storage capacity 16 tools 20 tools 20 tools 24 tools 24 tools
Max tool diameter Ф90mm Ф90mm Ф90mm
Ф125mm Ф125mm
Max tool weight 7kgs 7kgs 7kgs
15kgs 15kgs
Coolant pump 0.5 HP 0.5 HP 0.61 HP 0.61 HP×2 0.61 HP×2
Machine weight (Approx) 4550kgs 5900kgs 8000kgs
12600kgs 12600kgs
Machine Size 2790×2600×2490mm 3200×2665×2540mm 3400×2860×2810mm
3400×2965×2810 mm
4300×3200×3100mm 4300×3490×3100mm