E Series

DMC E Series

The Alternative to a Large, More Expensive Machining Center, Capable of Machining Steel and Aluminum

The DMC 3E is the answer for shops looking for an alternative to a large, more expensive vertical machining center.

The DMC 3E offers a large work envelope with 10 HP of cutting power delivering up to 6,000 RPM through a machining center head and cartridge spindle. An automatic 16 tool ATC is standard making the DMC 3E a good alternative to a machining center. With 40 Taper spindle, 33.9" x 20" x 24" axes travel, a massive cast iron frame, headstock and box ways, the DMC 3E series is built to cut it. You can cut steel and aluminum with ease and cut your budget at the same time with the affordable DMC 3E series by DynaPath.

Standard equipment includes: 10 HP cartridge spindle, machining center head, box ways, flood coolant, auto lubrication, programmable spindle speeds to 6,000 rpm and a table top chip guard. The DMC 3E has a 16-tool ATC, and uses the DynaPath Delta 2000 CNC with interactive conversational programming graphics and color LCD.

E3 Series E4 Series
Table size 40" x 16" 48.8" x 18"
Table T-slots (W x H) 0.71' x 4 0.71' x 4
Max. table load (center) 990 lbs 1320lbs
X axis travel 33.9" 41.7"
Y axis travel 20" 22"
Z axis travel 24" 24"
Spindle nose to table surface 4.8"~28.8" 4.8"28.9"
Spindle center to column 21.7" 23.6"
Table surface to floor 32.5" 33.3"
Spindle speed 6,000 R.P.M. (8,000 R.P.M. is opt.) 6,000 R.P.M. (8,000 R.P.M. is opt.)
Spindle motor 10HP 10HP
Spindle taper CAT#40 CAT#40
Spindle belt 8YU belt 8YU belt
Ball-screw diameter Ø1.26" Ø1.26"
Pitch of ball-screw 0.20" 0.20"
X and Y axis rapid feed 320ipm 320ipm
Z axis rapid feed 320ipm 320ipm
Cutting feed 200ipm 200ipm
ATC type (OPT) Armless and Arm type are opt. Armless and Arm type are opt.
ATC tool no. 16 tools 16 tools
Max. tool diameter Ø3.54" Ø3.54"
Max. tool weight Ø15.4lbs Ø15.4lbs
Positioning accuracy ±0.0004" ±0.0004"
Repeatability accuracy ±0.0002" ±0.0002"
Machine weight 6820 lbs 9460 lbs
Dimension A X-static 66" 82"
Dimension B X-full travel 99" 124"
Dimension C width 83" 87"
Dimension D height 96" 97"