2000P Punch Control

2000M Milling Machine Control

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  • Simultaneous Three (X, Y and Z) Axes of Control
  • Departures to 999.9999 Inches, or 9999.999 mm
  • Maximum Rapid Rates up to 1,200 IPM or 30 MPM
  • Block Processing Time 3 ms.
  • Electric Servo Drive Outputs 10V Analog
  • Interface for Digital Feedback Encoders
  • Servo Update Time 3 ms.
  • Z-Axis Tracking Capability
  • Slaved Z Axis Control Capability
  • Spindle Speed Control: 5 Digits, 10 Volt Analog
  • Spindle Orientation and Rigid Tapping Capability
  • Fixed Software Travel Limits
  • Part Programmable Software Travel Limits
  • Customer Initialized Machine Control Parameters
  • Auxiliary Functions: M, S, and T Codes
  • 32 x 32 DC Inputs and Outputs plus 32 Row/Column Inputs for Operators Panel Switches
  • PLC Programmable Logic Control with Flash Memory and Message Capability
  • Automatic Tool Change Sequence including up to 5 Preset Axis Motions
  • Random Tool Select