2000P Punch Control

2000M Milling Machine Control

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  • Full-Travel Alphanumeric Keyboard
  • LCD-Defined Soft Keys
  • 12-Inch High-Resolution (800 x 600) Color LCD for Information Display
  • Spindle Speed Display and Feedrate Display
  • Active Event and Subsequent Events Display
  • Position Display with 8 Soft Key Selections of Part and Machine Coordinates
  • Part Program Storage and Display, 448,000 Characters
  • Buffered Input Allows Part Programs of Unlimited Length to be Executed from Floppy Disk, Hard Disk or from an External Source
  • Concurrent Operation Allows Part Programs to be Entered or Edited While Cutting a Part
  • Fault Messages and Program Text Messages
  • Program Zero, Axis Home and Axis Jog
  • Test Modes and Program Inhibit
  • Optional Stop (M01) and Slash Code Block Delete
  • On-Line Diagnostics