2000T Turning Control

2000M Milling Machine Control

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  • Electronic Handwheel
  • Part Program Storage Expansion to 896,000 Characters
  • RS-422 Serial Port in Place of RS-232 Port
  • DNC Terminal Mode
  • High Speed Machining
  • Tool Life Management
  • Customer Prepared Cycles (User Macros) for Custom Cutting and Probing Cycles and for Special OEM-Designed Machine Functions
  • High-Speed Touch Trigger Probe Functions for Part Location, Tool Setting and Compensations
  • Interface for DynaPath Touch Trigger Probe Based, 3-D Off-line Digitizing System
  • PrecisionScan Continuous Contact Scanning System for Reverse Engineering and Part Program Generation - Stand-Alone Version
  • Simultaneous 4th through 8th Axis - Rotary or Linear
  • Gantry Axis Control Capability
  • Additional DC Inputs and Outputs