2000T Turning Control

2000M Milling Machine Control

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  • Programming Format Switchable Between DynaPath’s Menu-Driven Conversational and Conventional EIA/ISO G-Codes.
  • Parameter Initialized G-Codes for Part Programming Compatibility between Machines
  • Decimal Point Programming and Inch/Metric Input
  • Cartesian/Polar Coordinate Programming
  • Part Rotation: 0.001¡ to 359.999¡
  • Scale Factor: 0.0001 to 99.9999
  • Absolute/Incremental Programming for Dimensions, Scale Factor and Part Rotation
  • Fixed Cycles for Conversational/EIA
  • Advanced Calc-Assist Automatically Computes and Displays Coordinates and Intersection Points Between Complex Shapes Over Several Lines of Data
  • Mirror Image
  • Macro Programming Mode, 4 Levels
  • Cavity Mill for Cutting Concave or Convex Circular and Rectangular Cavities
  • Helical Interpolation
  • High-Resolution Front-End Graphics Display for Display of the Programmed Path at Any Time While Writing or Editing a Part Program
  • High-Resolution Interpolated Graphics Display to Verify Part Profile and Analyze Cutting Time Before Machining the Part
  • Four-View Graphics with Simultaneous Display of XY, XZ, YZ Planes and Isometric View
  • Conversational GraphicsR for Interactive Graphical Programming Help (Hard Disk Drive Optional Feature is a Prerequisite for Use of this Feature)