FB26 to FB43

FB26 to FB43

DynaPath Flat Bed Series Lathes are designed and built to tool room accuracy using massive meehanite castings with heavy ribbing to provide maximum rigidity and vibration-free turning.

The Flat Bed Series Lathes, equipped with the powerful, simple to program, simple to use Delta 2000 Series CNC control, fill the market need for versatile machines with capabilities and features far beyond those of many manufactures.

Flat Bed Series Lathes

With a wide range of machine sizes and options to meet your turning needs, the DynaPath Tool Room Lathe gives the machinist what they want-versatility.

Model FB26 FB30 FB34 FB40 FB43
Machining capability Distance between centers 1000 / 1500/ 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 / 6000 / 7000 / 8000 / 9000 / 10000 / 11000 / 12000 / 13000 / 14000 / 15000 / 16000
Swing over bed 660mm 760mm >860mm 1000mm 1100mm
Swing over cross slide 310mm 410mm 510mm 650mm 750mm
BED Width 558mm
Main spindle Spindle nose

D1-11, 130mm, L: 40-130, M: 130-400, H: 400-1200

A2-11, 165mm, L: 20-110, M: 110-320, H: 320-660

A2-15, 230mm,  L: 16-61,  M: 50-190,  H: 150-570

A2-20, 310mm, L: 20-100, M: 100-200, H: 200-400

A2-20, 360mm, L: 20-100, M: 100-200, H: 200-300

A2-28, 410mm, L: 20-100, M: 100-200, H: 200-250

Spindle bore
Spindle speed (rpm)
Spindle taper MT15
Travel Cross travel (X axis) 330mm 380mm 430mm 500mm 550mm
Standard tool post 240x240mm, larger tool post may reduce axis travel
Longitudinal travel (Z axis) DBC-350
Feeds X axis rapid traverse 5M/min
Z axis rapid traverse 5M/min
Cutting feed rate >0.001-500mm/rev (0.0004”-20”/rev)
Motors Main motor 30hp 30hp 40hp 40hp 40hp
Inverter 30hp 30hp/td> 40hp 40hp 40hp
X axis servo motor 11.9Nm, 2.49kw
Z axis servo motor 39.7Nm, 8.31kw,
Oil pump 100W
Coolant pump 450W, 6~10bar
Hydraulic tank pump (optional) 3hp (2.2kw)
Tank capacity Hydraulic tank (optional) 20L
Lubrication pump 8L
Ball screw X axis diameter 40mm
Z axis diameter 1000 ~6000: 63mm, 7000~10000:80mm, 10000~160000: gear rack
Tailstock Quill diameter 115mm / 160mm (OPT.)
Quill travel 300mm
Quill taper MT6
Length (mm) 4080/4580/5080/6080/7080/8080/9080/10080/11080/12080/13080/14080/15080/


Width (mm) 2710
Height (mm) 2330
N.W (kg) 7700/8400/9100/10500/11900/13300/14700/16100/17500/18900/20300/21700/